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03rd Mar 2024

Boat Party Maui House Music Playlist

Enjoy listening to below Playlist curated by dj Maui Babe on Spotify...

11th Nov 2018

Chill Ambient

We know you like to party but you also need to chill a little 🙂 so check out this fantastic new chill ambient song on Spotify by dj Maui Babe...

09th Oct 2012
White Boat Party Maui Poster 03.23.13

White Boat Party Maui 03.23.13

Our fab White Boat Party Maui will be on Saturday, March 23, 2013. Mark your calendars !!! This will be one sexy Party bringing together fabulous Women from all around the world. Read more...

09th Oct 2012
dj Maui Babe

dj Maui Babe

dj Maui Babe started to spin on a record player back in the days while throwing parties in the basement. The crowd was feeling her music, grooving to the beats and the parties became known for it. Read more...

08th Oct 2012
Lani Kai and jumping Whale

Snorkeling + Whales

Activities White Boat Party Maui in March is right in time for whale season. Not only will you get the chance to Snorkel and Swim, once we reach our final...